Self-Love Workshop

Do you feel like you are at war with yourself every day?That no matter what you do it’s never enough?You look at other women and wonder how they are so radiant and confident in who they are?
I did.And I decided that life was too short to hate on myself every day.
Part of the reason I became a hairstylist was because I wanted to make people feel better about themselves.Through my own healing journey to loving myself I became a certified SRT (subconscious release technique) Coach. And I decided my mission wasn’t just to make women look better, but also shift their perception of themself. As well as inspire and empower them, so that they can feel more confident and safe in who they are and how they want to show up in the world.
I’ve helped many women heal their lack of self-esteem and self-worth.Seeking validation in all the wrong places from all the wrong people.Allowing their fear of judgment and worrying about what other people think to hold them back. Stuck in people pleasing and sacrificing themselves for everyone else’s happiness.
Not anymore!I’m inviting you to join me for a 3 hour workshop where we will be💖 learning how to navigate through our emotions💖 Learning how to set healthy boundaries💖 Learning how to give to yourself mind, body, soul💖 Clearing childhood trauma💖 Clearing negative mindset
Our relationship with ourselves is the longest one we have, isn’t it time it be a good one?
Workshop comes with a complimentary Self-Love Queen Journal, Rose-water and a chance to win a 1:1 session with myself!EARLY BIRD PRICE $33!!! Ends April 3rdEnergy Exchange $47
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