About Soul-Filled Beauty


I'm Chelon, the proud owner and creative force behind Soul-Filled Beauty. Fulfilling my lifelong aspiration, becoming a hairstylist has ignited an unwavering passion within me.
Graduating from Richard's Beauty College in 2001 marked the beginning of my journey in the salon industry. Over the next four years, I honed my skills in various salons until 2005, when the birth of my oldest daughter inspired me to establish Soul-Filled Beauty. It was during this time that I discovered CHI's ammonia-free colour line and admired their company ethos, prompting me to align my salon with CHI.
In 2019, I expanded my expertise by becoming a certified Lash Artist through Fixe Beauty. Crafting unique looks tailored to each individual brings me immense joy, whether it's adding a touch of glamour to your everyday style or simplifying your beauty routine. Classic lashes hold a special place in my heart as they allow for timeless elegance.
As both a hairstylist and an educator, I recognize the importance of continuous learning and staying abreast of evolving fashion trends. From my early days as an educator at Richard's Beauty College and as a Farouk Systems Educator, I remain committed to sharing knowledge and fostering growth within the industry. The journey of learning is one that never ceases to inspire me.

Official Woman-Owned Business in Saskatchewan

I’m thrilled to announce my involvement with WESK as an ambassador of the official Woman-Owned. Saskatchewan Business brand identity! Through this initiative, local majority woman-owned businesses can now loudly and proudly be identified, making it so much easier to support woman entrepreneurs.


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