This month is going to be amazing!!!

Two years ago I attended a Goddess Retreat in Alberta and it was a pivotal moment in my life.

I never felt like I belonged some where more than I did there!

It was incredible to come together with other like minded women to heal, transform and grow together. I build strong amazing connections that are still thriving to this day.

And on my way home I decided during my 8 hour drive home that I would be bringing a piece of that to Saskatchewan to share with other women.

2 years later, lots of shedding, growth and determination. Mastering and honing my skills and gifts. I am now finally making my dreams come true.

I'm so excited to take this next leap into my next level self and where my heart and soul is being called to.

I love inspiring and empowering women and building community. I've been called to step up and build a community of women for women to feel heard, seen, understood and held.
To help women

Embody their feminine flow, harness the goddess within

May 24th -26th I am hosting the Flower Moon Goddess Retreat at my home.

Where we will coming together

    to heal the divine feminine and masculine energy within
    letting go and releasing past trauma
    building strong connections with others and with yourself 
    learning how to navigate through your emotions
    feeling into your Divine Goddess Energy
    Celebrating through dance and movement

There are 4 different options for the weekend.

    Weekend Stay - includes accommodations, meals $444 (limited to 8 people)
    Weekend pass - includes meals $333
    Saturday Soiree - includes meals $222 
    Friday Full Moon Fire circle $88

Any questions on the retreat please reach out.

May Oracle Card Guidance

Temple of the Rose

Ancient Power. Expression. Activation. Scarlet Codes.

For millennia feminine power, expression, and wisdom has been suppressed. As a result, the feminine has been silenced, dismissed, and disrespected. We've become disconnected from the Earth (the Mother) and therefore have become disconnected with the self.
Times are changing.
Every time we honour our body, express our wisdom, share our voice, and connect with our sensuality, we heal the sacred thread of the feminine.
Every time we call back our power, we heal the sacred thread of the feminine. Every time we come together in circle we heal the sacred thread of the feminine. Every time we honour our cyclic cycle we heal the sacred thread of the feminine. 
This is a card of expressing your truth. Calling your power back. sharing your soul's voice and singing the song you came here to sing.
You are the child of the ancient Goddess. As you express yourself, you express for all who could not. Each shackle you break through you free those who are yet to come.
Share your voice, sing your song, dance your dance, reclaim your power. This is what you came here for.

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